Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my membership if I change my employment, within the RMA membership year, and start work for a non institutional member?

You retain your individual membership status and benefits for the remainder of the RMA Australia Membership if your new employer is current Institutional Member. It is however your responsibility to advise the RMA of your changed contact details.

If your new employer is not a current Institutional Member you will need to apply to join as an Associate member.

Can I transfer my membership to another colleague if I am leaving the organisation?

Membership is non transferrable and non refundable. Members must be ratified by the RMA Management Committee, therefore membership can not simply be transferred to another individual. The administration and record keeping cost of recognising a new member, or rejoining member, is set at $60, regardless of when the individual joins. Please advise RMA Membership Services ( if you do not wish to retain Individual Membership.

I am a consultant to an institutional member, can I become an Individual member?

If you are working on a long-term contract basis for one of our institutional members and have an email address with the organisation, may be eligible for Individual Membership subject to approval of the Management Committee. Otherwise, you can apply to join as an Associate Members.

How do I know if my membership has been processed?

You will be sent an email confirming your membership has been processed shortly after submitting the online form.