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RMA Australia

MEDIA RELEASE: RMA Australia pivots membership offering

RMA Australia remains in a strong position to continue growing member services for the 2020/2021 financial year thanks to an agile business response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The decision to move all events and EXCLUSIVE member resources online has resulted in an increase in members being able to access regular webinar events and EXCLUSIVE materials from RMA HQ.

The RMA Australia Management Committee welcomes a new President, David O’Brien (ANZ Australia), Vice President, Megan Holt (Ernst & Young) and Secretary, Catherine Thrum (Westpac). Megan Readdy (Credit Union Australia) remains in the role of Treasurer.

The following Directors have been re-appointed to the Board as General Committee Members. Kerrie Noonan (National Australia Bank), Rick Crethar (PwC), John-Paul (JP) Monck (KPMG), Mike Ritchie (Deloitte), Bosco Mendez (Bendigo & Adelaide Bank), Tara Cahill (CBA), Teena Rowell (Suncorp Group) and Jeffrey McArthur (Greater Bank).

The meeting also resolved to thank retiring President Chris Williams (CBA) for his outstanding efforts in leading RMA Australia over the last three years.