Thriving Through Uncertainty – Webinar

4:00 PM 5:00 PM
RMA Australia
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Thriving Through Uncertainty – Webinar

4:00 PM 5:00 PM
RMA Australia

The RMA is pleased to bring you our May Webinar – Thriving Through Uncertainty.

With an ever-changing business world, heightened uncertainty and shifting expectations, it’s harder than ever to achieve outcomes and make progress.

To grow, thrive and prosper, it’s not enough to know how to survive this environment: it’s essential to be ready to adjust, adapt and accelerate.

Set in the context of today’s world and recognising the increased demands placed on risk professionals in this connected environment, in this session you’ll discover:

  • What can hold you back from adapting and progressing during times such as these.
  • How to recognise and use your emotions to propel you forward.
  • The tools and insights you can leverage to reinforce adaptive and progressive ways of thinking and working.

Speaker: Michelle Gibbings

Further Information

About The Speaker:

Michelle Gibbings

Michelle Gibbings is a workplace expert.  Internationally recognised, she is the author of three books and is welcomed on stages globally to help inspire leaders, teams and organisations to create thriving workplaces.  With demands on leadership increasing and the pressure to perform unparalleled, Michelle is bringing back the happy by empowering people to work in a way that is collaborative, productive and healthy.

Equipping people with the personal insights and practical tools to thrive, she helps them to navigate complexity, and make powerful, wise and congruent choices, which ultimately leads to sustainable, meaningful progress – for everyone.

Michelle works with some of Australia’s most respected organisations, along with government departments and agencies.  Before establishing her leadership business, Michelle worked for more than 25 years in corporate, much of it in senior leadership positions, including senior risk and compliance roles.

She regularly appears and writes for major national publications and media outlets.


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Presentation 4pm


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Location: RMA Australia
Duration: 1 hour


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