Climate Change and Climate Risk for Financial Services Organisations

4:00 PM AEST 5:00 PM AEST
RMA Australia
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Climate Change and Climate Risk for Financial Services Organisations

4:00 PM AEST 5:00 PM AEST
RMA Australia

The RMA is pleased to bring to its members a panel of thought leaders on Climate Change and Climate Risk for Financial Services Organisations hosted by EY.

Climate change presents financial risk to the global economy. Management of climate risk is fast becoming a top priority for financial services organisations and regulators have become increasingly vocal for the need to manage climate risks. In this discussion we will explore what climate risks are, how these risk impact organisations, how organisations are managing these risks, scenario analysis approaches and regulatory developments.

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The Panellists:

Graham Sinden, Head of Climate Risk, APRA

Dr Graham Sinden is Head of Climate Risk at APRA, where he leads APRA’s engagement on climate risk in the finance sector. Graham is a leading expert and practitioner in climate risk assessment and scenario analysis, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy, and a guest lecturer on energy and climate policy and economics at the University of Sydney. Prior roles include: Director in EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability practice; publicly appointed advisor to the UK Energy Minister; and a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Graham holds a PhD and MSc from the University of Oxford, and a BSc from the University of Sydney.


Pip Best, Director, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY

Pip has worked with both the public and private sector in understanding the impacts of climate change and other sustainability issues such as emissions trading, green bonds, sustainable finance, impact, as well as outcomes measurement.  She has assisted in the development of sustainable financial products across the Asia Pacific region, and has worked in New Zealand, Australia and the UK within capital markets and sustainability roles.


Verena Kraus, Senior Manager, Financial Services Risk Management, EY

Verena is a Senior Manager in the EY Oceania Financial Service Risk Management Practice specialising and passionate about Sustainable Finance and Climate Risk Management. She has a breath of experience leading large-scale regulatory and risk transformation programs for Financial Institutions across Germany, the UK and Australia. Verena is playing a central role across EY Asia Pacific advising on international regulatory developments around ESG and Sustainable Finance.



Bob Scealy, Associate Partner, Economics Modelling, EY

Bob Scealy is an expert in applied economic modelling with 15 years experience working full time in CGE model development, application, and communication roles. Bobs career experience includes roles in the Australian Federal Treasury, in the CSIRO, leading the CGE modelling team in Deloitte Access Economics, as a foundation partner of Cadence Economics, and most recently as an Associate Partner in EY.

Bob has applied his economic modelling skillsets over a diverse range of industries and policy issues, including climate change policy, energy security, investment, trade and tariff policy, Covid-19 impact assessment, labour market analysis and taxation reform.


Brad Davis, Director, Actuarial Modelling, EY

Brad is a director in EY’s actuarial team focussing on credit risk modelling across provisioning, stress testing and capital models. He has worked with a range of Australian banks and financial institutions to develop, validate or audit models, and has previously worked in the UK for global banks. Brad is leading EY’s development of stress testing methodology for climate risk at banks and co-hosts EY’s stress testing roundtable.



Ian Crofts, Associate Partner, EY


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