Are Australian organisations aligning strategy and risk appetite to enable them to thrive in this uncertain world?

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RMA Australia
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Are Australian organisations aligning strategy and risk appetite to enable them to thrive in this uncertain world?

4:00 PM AEDT 5:00 PM AEDT
RMA Australia

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The RMA is pleased to bring you our second webinar in December.

Deloitte Australia has recently performed a study to understand how organisations are approaching, and gaining value from aligning their strategy and risk appetite. The report draws insights from 74 interviews of Directors and Executives from many of Australia’s largest organisations across industry sectors and geographies. 

The report highlights how many Australian organisations have successfully matured their definition and use of risk appetite over recent years, but the use of risk appetite as a decision making tool came under stress during the crisis and now needs to reprove itself as organisations set strategies to thrive post the crisis. 

The report explores a number of opportunities for Australian organisations, including: 

  1. Defining risk appetite in a manner that is useful to both the Board and Management in forming strategic plans and strategic decision making. 
  2. Improving the quality of risk appetite data to enable its use during the formation of strategy and governing its execution. 
  3. Using risk appetite definition as a tool to influence your organisational culture and ensure this culture supports the execution of the strategy. 
  4. Gaining comfort with the explicit use of risk appetite in strategic planning and other decision making processes, and increasing the role of the first line of defence in setting risk appetite and tolerances. 

The report also shares insights on best practice and provides Directors and Executives action plans to respond to the challenges observed. 

In this webinar we will call out key report insights and invite you to participate in a very timely and topical conversation “Are Australian organisations aligning strategy and risk appetite to enable them to thrive in this uncertain world?” 

Further Information:

About the Panellists:

Jerome Nyssen – Partner – Deloitte Risk Advisory

Jerome is the Deloitte Australia Risk Advisory Risk Transformation Capability Leader.  He is dedicated to the provision of risk transformation and internal audit services to the Financial Services Industry.  He leads Deloitte Australia’s CPS220 Centre of Excellence. 

Jerome has held both industry and consulting roles for financial services organisations, including 8 years in the UK and HK.  More recently Jerome’s work in the sector has included supporting global and local risk transformation programs for Australian FSI clients, performing comprehensive reviews of FSI sector RMFs and leading our national study into how Australian organisations aligned strategy and risk appetite during the crisis. 

Jerome also leads the internal audit co-source relationship with a number of large FSI groups.  


Vanessa Sykes - Manager – Deloitte Risk AdvisoryVanessa Sykes – Manager – Deloitte Risk Advisory

Vanessa is a manager in Deloitte’s Risk Advisory team with an industry sector focus on financial services and specialising in risk transformation and risk culture. Vanessa is energised by helping organisations understand the ways in which effectively designed and operationalised tools can influence the risk culture of an organisation. 

Vanessa’s key area of expertise is centred in risk transformation, more specifically; risk appetite, CPS 220 comprehensive reviews, strategic risk and risk maturity. Within the realm of risk culture, Vanessa applies her Bachelor of Psychology to assist organisations in identifying, monitoring and managing the risk culture of an organisation. 

Vanessa serves on the Board of an international not-for-profit organisation, is a leader/founding member of the Deloitte Women in Risk committee, the Deloitte CPS 220 Centre of Excellence and a member of the First Nations Community of Practice and Interest. Vanessa is also a Deloitte Business Chemistry practitioner and has previously been an author and editor of the Global Deloitte Diversity, Inclusion & Leadership newsletter. 


About the Moderator:

Mike Ritchie - Lead Partner - Deloitte Risk Advisory FSI IndustryMike Ritchie – Lead Partner – Deloitte Risk Advisory FSI Industry

Mike is the Deloitte Australia Risk Advisory FSI Industry Leader, and also head of the Regulatory Risk business. Mike has spent the last 30 years working in Australia, the UK and New Zealand, advising the financial services sector in the areas of Governance, Operational and Strategic Risk, Regulatory Compliance, Conduct and Culture. 

Mike’s work in the sector includes supporting the development of global risk programs at major international banks, assisting with all components of prudential regulatory activity, from design through implementation and independent assurance. He has worked extensively advising organisations on risk governance frameworks, processes and people, including working more recently in the areas of risk culture and conduct. In addition to his client work Mike is an active member of the Risk Management Association of Australia and has been on the board for more than 10 years. 

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