Notice of 2019 Annual General Meeting

- 2019 Annual General Meeting 13th August 2019 -


NOTICE: is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Members of Risk Management Association Australia Incorporated (RMA) will be held at Commonwealth Bank of Australia offices, Commonwealth Bank Place South, 1 Harbour Street, Sydney on 13 August 2019 at 3.30pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time). 


It is noted that following nominations for the Members of the Committee have been received by the Secretary by the return date of 14 June 2019:

  • Chris Williams - Chief Risk Officer, Business & Private Bank​, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • David O’Brien - Group General Manager, Risk Metrics & Measurement, ANZ
  • Catherine Thrum ​ - Head of Commercial Credit, Credit Risk, Westpac
  • Kerrie Noonan, General Manager, Credit Analytics and Portfolio Management, National Australia Bank
  • Rick Crethar, Partner, Consulting Leader, PwC
  • Megan Holt, Executive Director Financial Services, Ernst & Young
  • John-Paul (JP) Monck, Director Audit, Assurance & Risk Consulting, KPMG
  • Mike Ritchie, Partner, Risk Advisory, Deloitte

Their appointment will be confirmed at the annual general meeting.



It is noted that following nominations for the Ordinary Members of the Committee have been received by the Secretary by the return date of 28 June 2019:

  • Bosco Mendez, Head of Commercial Credit Risk, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
  • Megan Readdy, Chief Risk Officer, Credit Union Australia (CUA)
  • Teena Rowell, Chief Risk Officer Customer Marketplace & Technology, Suncorp Group
  • Jeffrey McArthur, Chief Risk Officer, Greater Bank

 To be elected as per agenda item 4.4.



4.1   Previous 2018 Annual General Meeting minutes

Confirm minutes of previous annual general meeting

4.2   Financial Reports and Statements

To receive and consider the Financial Report of RMA and Reports of the Committee and of the Auditor for the financial year ended 30 March 2019.

4.3  Confirmation of appointment of members of the Committee

Confirm appointment of Members of the committee in accordance with Rule 27(4) of the Rules.

4.4 Election of Ordinary members of the committee

Elect ordinary members of the committee by way of a deemed election in accordance with Rule 29(5) of the Rules.



You may attend the Annual General Meeting in person at the date, time and place specified in the Notice of Meeting above.

For security purposes members wishing to attend the AGM will need to register your attendance via email to by COB Wednesday 31st July 2019.



If you would like to appoint a proxy to attend the meeting on your behalf, this can be done by completing the proxy form here and return via email to by COB Wednesday 31st July 2019.

 Please note:

  • The proxy must be a current 2018/2019 RMA Member
  • Only current RMA members are entitled to attend the AGM, please ensure you register your attendance for security purposes.
  • Only current RMA Individual members are entitled to vote at the general meeting in accordance to Rule 5(2)a.

Please register your AGM attendance via email to by COB Wednesday 31st July 2019.


 The previous AGM was held in Sydney on 14 August 2018.

2019 AGM Agenda 

2019 President's report

2019 Treasurer's report