2019 September E-News

2019 September E-News


Welcome to the September edition of E-News.

It's been a busy and rewarding  month with a range of successful  events and forums.

Our Women, Technology and the Future of Risk events both Sydney and Melbourne incited  intelligent and witty conversation.

We thank KPMG for hosting these events and introducing us to these exceptional women.

In this month’s E-News, we put the spotight on CBA's Nilesh Deshmukh, plus we learn more about new ITRF Chairperson, Stephen O'Reilly, ANZ Bank who has a very interesting background!

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Richard Gilbert - Executive Director


                                                                          **SPOTLIGHT ON**

Nilesh Deshmukh, Senior Manager Business Financial Assistance, Risk Management

What are the 3 – 4 primary tasks of your role, Senior Manager, Business Financial Assistance in Risk Management, CBA?

1. I lead a team that has empathetic and compassionate conversations with the most vulnerable business customers of the bank on a daily basis.

2. My job as a leader is to be there for my team to provide them with the support and tools so they can provide better outcomes for our customers. A big part of my responsibility as a leader is to ensure I look after my people’s personal wellbeing and remove blockers from their daily activities.

3. Another part of my job that I really enjoy is to enhance the data and analytical capability within my team so we can provide actionable insights to our senior leaders. I have found these insights help us form strategic directions for our business and in getting even better at helping our customers.

What is your role in linking CBA (our largest member, individual wise) to RMA Australia?

Chris Williams the Business and Private Banking Risk CRO at CBA is the current President of the RMA Australia chapter. I am the executive member of the RMA’s events committee representing CBA and over the years, I have organised and hosted the RMA events at CBA. We were privileged to have hosted sell out sessions with key speakers such as Craig James the Chief Equities Economist at CBA and Michelle Gibbings a Change Leadership and Career Mentor.

How long have you worked in Risk and what pathways have you chosen along this journey?

I say 22 years although technically my banking career did not start until I moved to Australia. I feel I have been managing risk all my working life. Many people that know me do not know this; I started my career in the airline industry back in Mumbai where I worked for an American Airline Northwest Airlines. My responsibility was to assess risk on a daily basis. It was risk of a different kind than in banking but that came with its own set of responsibilities. I had to be across policies, procedures and controls because my team and I had the responsibility to ensure the flights out of Mumbai were safe to make the journey to Amsterdam, Boston and Minneapolis. 

I moved to Australia in late 1999 to complete my MBA in International Business and Finance, I was fortunate then to get a part time role with St George Bank and since then I have worked with NAB, AMP, Bendigo and now CBA. Through this rich career journey, I have been able to explore many different specialist areas in banking and finance. Starting with asset finance, relationship management and deal origination to managing troublesome and impaired assets and insolvency at the height of the global financial crisis (GFC), practice finance, cash flow and financial markets solutions and helping vulnerable customers during financial difficulty.

Today I see myself as a risk transformational leader delivering on strategic projects and digital initiatives. I like solving problems and in doing so I draw on my emotional quotient and resilience. I find that I thrive particularly well under pressure and ambiguity and my role in Business and Private Banking Risk at CBA gives me the opportunity to make a positive difference to the financial wellbeing of customers, communities and shareholders.

Event Highlights

Sydney & Melbourne - Women, Technology and the Future of Risk - hosted by KPMG.  We ran this successful event in both Sydney & Melbourne. A huge thankyou to all the speakers, John Paul (JP) Monck & Mish Monsur.

The KPMG Sydney Speaking panel, consisting of (L-R) Anu Kukar, Director Risk Strategy & Technology, Zoe Willis, Data Partner, Kate Shaw, Risk Partner and Mish Monsur, Manager, Risk Strategy & Technology (moderator).

Upcoming October Events

MELBOURNE I Third Party Risk Management I Tuesday 22 October I 4.00pm presentation, followed by Networking Drinks from 5.00 - 6.00pm I Hosted by Deloitte

BRISBANE I Third Party Risk Management I Tuesday 29 October I 4.00pm presentation, followed by Networking Drinks from 5.00 - 6.00pm I Hosted by Deloitte

SYDNEY I Third Party Risk Management I Thursday 31 October I 4.00pm presentation, followed by Networking Drinks from 5.00 - 6.00pm I Hosted by Deloitte

For more information CLICK HERE

What our members are saying about our RMA events.....

“My first time attending. I enjoyed the location, duration and content."



**Stephen O'Reilly, Head of Enterprise Technology Risk for Australia  Division and Digital and new ITRF Chairperson**

You have such a diverse background, what has lead to your current role as Head of Enterprise Technology Risk for Australia Division and Digital, ANZ?

It is a long, short story! I have an interesting and diverse background, having been a Specialist Operations Detective for 16 years at New Scotland Yard. Here I variously gathered intelligence and worked on a number of operations. The launch of Windows NT 3.1 and a Master’s Degree were the catalysts for a career change and I re-started with Siemens Business Consulting over 20 years ago in London and in 2004 moved to UBS in Zürich. Here I was responsible for design and delivery of the global operational risk framework in technology and outsourcing. In 2010, I joined BHP Billiton in Melbourne, where as Director HR IT I focused on remediation of technologies supporting equity plans, SAP design for Reward and Remuneration and the offshoring of enabling technologies to a new captive in Kuala Lumpur. In 2013, I joined Macquarie Group, Sydney as a Division Director and Head of Technology and Business Resilience and Crisis Management, where among other things in 2014 I had the unfortunate responsibility to lead Macquarie’s response to the Lindt Café siege, directly opposite their Martin Place HQ.

How important is technology and 'digital' in Risk Management in our industry?

I have a deep interest in ‘digital’ and returned to Switzerland in 2016 where I was COO of a Swiss start-up. I assisted in raising 4.5 million Swiss Francs in seed funding and designed and managed an ICO, for a privacy-driven CRM product. I also spent some time advising start-ups in ‘Crypto Valley’ Zug, on investment strategy and Swiss regulatory, compliance and banking requirements. I returned from Switzerland in 2019 to join ANZ Banking Group and currently look after 2nd line risk management for Digital and Australia Divisions. I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for IT and published author on various aspects of technology and outsourcing risk. 

Risk management has to support banks’ abilities to deploy digital solutions and to react to the challenger and neo platforms if they want to stay competitive.  Technology Risk Management professionals need to drive their organisations to make better risk-informed decisions to support profitable, sustainable growth by devising new models and frameworks to leverage emerging technologies.

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