There and Back Again...

There and Back Again...

Unfortunately, I did not find an all-empowering ring, but I did acquire experience and knowledge that is equally as powerful….

Hi there, my name is Mish Monsur and I’m a Millennial at KPMG Risk Strategy & Technology team in Sydney, Australia. In June 2018, I embarked upon a journey, not as extensive as Mr. Baggins’ but still a substantial international adventure. I ended up traveling around the US, UK, Europe and spent the last three months in my motherland – Bangladesh. 

At the time I was in Line 2 Risk Management at the Commonwealth Bank in the Op Risk and Compliance – Regulatory Engagement team. I told my friends, peers, mentors, mentees that I was headed out on this journey and they were extremely encouraging. Most people had contacts out in the wide world and were happy to share them with me. I spoke of my plans to the President and Executive Director of the RMA Australian chapter and was overwhelmed by their support. The eagerness from both senior leaders demonstrated their genuine interest in my personal and professional growth. I was connected to both the US and UK network of professionals - like my very own RMA passport. So I set up meetings with the various industry leads, colleagues of colleagues, recruiters - you name it! Just to figure out the current markets and see what I wanted to do with my career during my quarter life crisis.  

The reality is – our current and future landscape is kaleidoscopic. The unpredictable and ever-changing environment ahead of us is both exciting and scary. We can only equip ourselves the best we can with the power of knowledge and first hand experiences/interactions - and how better to do it than speak to fellow risk colleagues around the world? I hadn’t realised how open people were to sharing their experiences and, most importantly, give their time to me. I valued each conversation and learnt an incredible amount on how an individual’s journey is never really linear. At times, we may think that the path to ‘success’ is one way and not the other, however being aware of how you define success and what is the right balance for your personal and professional aspirations is key.

I found the RMA membership to be worldwide. If you want to broaden your network and understand the markets in different places of the world, the RMA is an excellent gateway. The network, the conversations, the brilliant minds - I was even privileged to attend an RMA event in NYC hosted by PwC on Country Risk. I visited the RMA HQ in Philadelphia where I met the editors of the famous monthly RMA journal. This was an invaluable opportunity for me to better understand the market, explore the minds of international go-getters and simply have the opportunity to speak to out-of-the-box thinkers of leading companies!

The RMA is behind the growth of all the young professionals and encourages professional development across a broad range of risk disciplines. My experience with the RMA over the years as a member and committee participant has allowed me to learn about Risk Management through the people, by observing and interacting with all leaders around me (both Millennial and non-Millennial). I have been a Mentee and a Mentor of the Association and it has been an absolute honour being a part of such an amazing community. The ability to connect globally was an amazing benefit and I seized the moment and leaped into the unknown by meeting with different RM societies. We all should be aware that we have a wonderful risk community available to all of us. A community that is there to help and extremely welcoming. It is up to us to explore further…

Every member should take up the opportunity to be part of an interconnected society because the 21st century is truly a global village. I found the RMA played a role in shaping this experience for me... So the knowledge that I can pass on to you is the magic and power of asking. You never know till you ask and then some force is thrown into the universe and the process of manifestation begins!

Written by Mishwaza Monsur

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