RMA Newsletter - February 2016

RMA Newsletter - February 2016

RMA has worked with Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre to develop a new post-graduate program for Australian risk managers.  The Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance (Financial Risk Management) is being launched in both Sydney and Melbourne.  The Program Director, Associate Professor Elizabeth Sheedy, has spoken at several RMA events and is well known in the local risk management community.  

Key Dates:

Sydney information session 6 April at 6pm, registrations essential.

Melbourne information session 13 April at 12.30pm, registrations essential.

Applications close: 29 May

Classes start:  25 June in both Melbourne and Sydney

More information: www.mafc.mq.edu.au

Richard Gilbert asks her more about the program…

RG:  What makes this program useful for professional risk managers?

ES:  It goes beyond the basics – this program is designed for those wishing to take their careers in financial risk management to the next level.  It’s a rigorous program taught at Masters level but with a very practical slant reflecting Australian regulations and the Australian context.  Our curriculum is regularly reviewed both by RMA and our own industry advisory group consisting of senior risk professionals.  All the lecturers have industry experience as well as relevant academic credentials.

RG:  How will it be delivered?

ES:   The program is primarily delivered face-to-face in CBD premises outside of normal business hours.  We think the classroom experience is important because it allows students to debate, question and discuss the complexities and practicalities of financial risk management.  Students will also build professional networks with risk managers in other organisations.  Our online learning management system is designed to support the classroom experience.

RG: Who can apply?

ES:  You should have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and a minimum of two years’ relevant professional work experience.  Applicants with no prior studies in a relevant field must first complete a Graduate Certificate of Finance (or equivalent).

RG:  What kind of time commitment is involved?

ES:  The program is designed for part-time study spread over 4 (or more) terms.  In each term you should plan for about 150 hours of study including 40 hours of classes.  The commitment is considerable but so too are the benefits in terms of deeper understanding across the risk field.

RG:  Exactly what will students study?

ES:   We have two compulsory units which must be completed first (each 4 credit points).  The first is Portfolio Management and Valuation and the second is Financial Risk Management.  From there you must choose four elective units from a menu of six (each 2 credit points): Credit and Lending Decisions; Credit Portfolio Management; Investment and Credit Analysis; Modelling Prices and Risk; Operational Risk Management; Strategic Bank Management.  Detailed unit guides are available on our website.

RG:  What if people want to qualify with a Masters degree?

ES:  For anyone who completes the Grad Dip and gets the study bug, the program fully articulates into our industry-leading Master of Applied Finance program.  To achieve this would require an extra year of part-time study.

RG:  How can RMA members find out more?

ES:  There is information and a downloadable brochure available at www.mafc.mq.edu.au   We have scheduled information sessions in both Sydney (6 April) and Melbourne (20 April).  Registrations are essential.  You can also call the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre on (02) 9223 6231 or (03) 9614 0005 if you have queries.

Associate Professor Elizabeth Sheedy

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