Innovation in Risk Management - MELBOURNE

NOTE: Registration for this event has now closed, as the venue is at full capacity. Should you wish to be added to the waitlist, please contact the RMA events team on

ME Bank, Level 28, 360 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

Mon 7 August 2017 | 4:00pm Presentation followed by networking drinks from 5:00pm to 6:00pm

The RMA is pleased to announce that Ms Terri Clementson, Principal in Deloitte’s SE Asian Financial Crime Network, will present in August at ME Bank in Melbourne on ‘Innovation in Risk Management’.

Terri will explore four areas of innovation in risk:
• Trends and technology shifting the risk monitoring burden to end-users / those vulnerable
• Innovation levers like data analytics – unlocking new ways to sense and respond to risk proactively
• Ways in which innovation can be used to strip complexity from processes; obligations and human fallibility
• How innovation could transform the three lines of defence in risk

Recently our Sydney based members had the opportunity to hear Terri's presentation and gained valuable insight into the way in which we view and approach risk management, and what the future landscape could look like. Be quick to register your place at this session, it is a rare opportunity and one not to be missed!

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Speaker: Terri Clementson, Principal, South East Asian Financial Crime Network, Deloitte

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Terri Clementson


Terri Clementson,

Principal, SE Asian Financial Crime Network, Deloitte

Terri is a Financial Crime specialist in Deloitte’s Risk Practice.  She has had a varied career in consulting as well as roles as an executive, CEO and Board Director / Chair of an Audit & Risk Committee.  Her current work at Deloitte involves project design and execution across Money Laundering, Sanctions, Fraud, Bribery & Corruption, Cybersecurity & Misconduct – often where conventional approaches have failed to mitigate risk / cost.  In Australian banking Terri has developed new vulnerability scanning techniques, granular profiling of threat actors and new ways of addressing transnational regulatory failure.  More broadly in Deloitte Risk, Terri has solved problems associated with emergency response analytics following Japan’s earthquake/tsunami/Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, brought predictive analytics to mines to identify previously unrecognised risk markers and prevent the loss of life and experimented with large scale visual assets to accelerate executive decision-making under stress.

Her mantra is there is always a smarter way.

Terri’s believes blind-spots are often driven by a lack of time /space to integrate emerging knowledge; different models & ways of seeing conventional problems – beyond the deep subject matter expertise that’s directly relevant to risk topics.  To stimulate her own creativity Terri has undertaken tertiary studies in graphic design, biotechnology, anthropology, law, social cognitive neuroscience, media and organised crime - as well as business, entrepreneurship and management. Terri has worked across the world and lived in several cultures.  She plays musical instruments; paints portraits; sails; flies helicopters and is a farmer.  These experiences have changed the way her mind works to find fresh solutions inside risk problems to reduce cost, complexity and effort. 

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